Understanding Ourselves through Science

by Charles “Al” Huth

The Physics of Human Behavior can be stated as these proven Principles:

  • Everything is made of energy.
  • Everything is connected by energy; therefore, everything interacts as one entity.
  • There is an order of growth in everything from birth to maturity.
  • Every set of circumstances is driven by its potential.
  • Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.
  • Entanglement: things once unified and then separated maintain an energetic connection.
  • For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • The observer effects the outcome of experimental research.

The Implications and Acknowledgments of these Principles

  • » The creative evolutionary energy in the universe can be viewed as the underlying and unifying structure that is constantly in a state of change while maintaining its unity – also referred to as consciousness, something that is aware of itself. In other words, the universe is alive as it interacts with each aspect of itself. Earthquakes are a reminder that planet earth is in a state of constant change. From birth to maturity, the human body is constantly in a state of change to maintain its function. Everything from rock to thought is a form of energy. Each person, whether aware of it or not, relies on their creativity to thrive.
  • » Ancient wisdom is increasingly being validated by modern science; for example, the concept of Oneness.
  • » Applying the precepts of science to human behavior can help illuminate, evaluate and facilitate the truth of our existence.
  • » Something tall cannot exist without something short – which is known as duality. Science cannot exist without its opposite – non-science or intuition -and both have value in the search for truth.
  • » Our search for truth is an ongoing process, partially because the evolutionary change in the universe continues to move forward; nothing remains the same.
  • » Entanglement, as used in physics, states that something that was once unified maintains an energetic connection even after separation. Could this be an expression that relates to the idea of eternal life?
  • » For every action there is a reaction. Therefore, be clear on what your action is intended to create and learn to trust your internal guidance to mitigate unintended consequences.
  • » The observer affects the outcome of experimental research. If we assume that this phenomenon is relevant to nonexperimental applications, consider human interactions. Our human communication not only uses words but includes facial expressions, posture, and most importantly, intention. The observer or observers impact the outcome of the conversation. This connection – from experimental research to human behavior – can be referred to as extrapolation. Extrapolation refers to extending the application of a method or conclusion (especially one based on statistics) to an unknown situation by assuming that the existing trends will continue, or similar methods will be applicable.

The Spiritual Implications of Science

The word spiritual in this context refers to the interconnection of everything in the universe. Stated differently, there is no separation of anything in the universe. Many prominent scientists believe that life is a mystery. However, we can learn to live in harmony with the mystery.

  1. The physical rules that govern the universe cannot be altered by one’s belief system. As an example, the existence of gravity remains, regardless of what you believe. Therefore, we must live in harmony and deal intelligently with this fact in order to survive and thrive.
  2. Philosophies and religious dogma that conflict with science are not consistent with our true nature. Any beliefs that are conflicted with the physical nature of the universe cannot be legitimate.
  3. Entanglement is the vehicle that brings knowledge from the past. This ancient wisdom contributes to the greater good in the present and future.
  4. Our internal guidance uses our conscious mind, subconscious mind, life experience, and passion of the soul as one cohesive entity, which then presents a path for thriving in harmony with All There Is.
  5. A loving environment is consistent with our inherent nature. Love is an inclusive energy that harmonizes our social nature. Taking care of each other and our environment enhances life for everyone. We are social beings who best thrive by working together.
  6. Our words need to reflect one’s True Self, which then supports the true nature of life itself.
  7. There is no one else who has your DNA, your fingerprints or your experiences. You are unique with a life agenda to complete. Express gratitude and honor your special life, knowing the gift that you are to humankind.

The existence of everything is a form of energy whether it be thoughts, actions or physical manifestations. Therefore, your energetic imprint impacts your environment. Conversely, the energy in your environment has an impact on your life. It is an interactive environment performing as one entity – Oneness. It is your responsibility to examine your life to determine your True Self and the passion of your soul. Your intention helps to manifest the outcome of your thoughts and actions. The life you live is the lesson you teach!