The Soul’s Paradigm for Peace

by Charles “Al” Huth

Do you yearn to live in a more peaceful world? Are there times when you feel powerless to help create a peaceful environment?

I believe that if each of us consciously, or unconsciously, works from our soul-driven passions and unique talents, we would collectively and instinctively contribute to world peace, in our own individualized way.

Supporting Concepts:

  • Individually creating world peace may not be possible.
  • The concept of Oneness needs to be internalized to be effective.
  • Everything strives to reach its full potential.
  • Every set of circumstances is driven by its potential.
  • The soul is a shared commodity – just like the air we breathe.

This philosophy does not require a doctrine, or dogma to follow, or magical steps. It only requires that each person identifies and internalizes the core of their True Self and lives accordingly. The life you live is the lesson that you teach.

The question arises: How can we connect to the core of our True Self? How would one know what the truth is? Socrates advocated that a life unexamined is a life not worth living. It is up to each of us to acknowledge our personal truths.

The dictionary’s definition of soul:  the immaterial essence, animating principle or actuating cause of an individual life.

Let’s expand the traditional definition of soulmates. If each one of us identifies and consciously follows the passions of one’s soul, then collectively we would be contributing to world peace as soulmates. The soul is a connective and collaborating energy that has a fully potentialized agenda. The agenda deals with a collaboration of energies, enabling everything to thrive in unity. Therefore, each of our endeavors is contributing to our soul in common. This is the lesson that we would teach. The soul has an attracting energy that will enhance prospects for peace. We are the guiding light to those with only superficial awareness of who they are.

Techniques to Connect with one’s True Self:

  • self-contemplation
  • internal listening techniques
  • meditation
  • study/reading
  • journaling

I believe that there are several reasons why many do not explore the depths of who they are:

  • lack of self-awareness
  • a focused attention on how others live their lives
  • not used to going within for guidance
  • a fear of discovering who they really are.

A Paradigm for Peace

It is important to recognize that peace begins with each one of us individually. If we want to live in a peaceful world, then we must feel peaceful. It is very difficult to create peace if one is not peaceful: the energy on each end of the peace continuum is conflicted. We live in a non-linear universe where science describes our existence as interacting energies. When our daily decisions are based solely on our left-brain input, we cannot comprehend all the unintended consequences that could or will occur. We know that migrating birds do not use maps or listen to the weather forecast. They have their own internal guidance. And so it is with us humans!

Our internal guidance is a co-mingling of one’s conscious mind, subconscious mind, left and right brain hemispheres, intuition, culture and experience. This guidance does not necessarily reveal a destination; however, it provides a daily path to live in harmony with all there is, often taking one beyond their fondest dreams.

Modern physics concludes that everything is energy, and everything is connected by energy. The soul is also an energy that connects us to our environment. With diligence, study and time one can learn to build and trust their internal guidance implicitly. Some of the benefits of building this trust include lower stress levels, as well as an easier life characterized by peacefulness and fulfillment.

The beauty of this paradigm is that everyone who follows the dictates of their soul will contribute to creating overall peace by following their own guidance. This is a demonstration of the Oneness nature of the universe.

Recognizing the soul’s drive for peace that resonates with your passions and talents is powerful. When we acknowledge that, the truth sets us free. Free to be our True Selves living in peace. The life you live is the lesson that you teach!