The Philosophy of Giving Up

by Charles “Al” Huth

If we give up the need for certainty, in terms of control and fixed answers, we are compensated by a different kind of certainty – a path to our full potential. The beauty of this approach lies within the nature of Oneness. All aspects of Oneself is accounted for on this journey into your full potential. This journey is comprehensive and has a long-term agenda compatible with your needs and desires based on your True Self. This path is customized for the unique person that you are. In effect, you have given up nothing and gained much more. As you travel this path, your environment is changing. Your internal guidance/intuition is also changing to keep you on track to your full potential; the possibility of a wonderful surprise may be in your future.

Our guidance is not a body part: It is a state of consciousness that everything in the universe shares. Consciousness refers to anything being aware of itself. Each cell in the human body has its own range of consciousness. We use our intuition/internal guidance more than we are aware of because it’s embedded in our daily routine. We hear a voice that appears to be in or around our heads. It feels like a conversation. Each of us engages this voice or ignores this information differently. It just depends of what you are aware of and what you believe.
We regularly use our intuition without necessarily identifying it as such. This innate communication system that we use becomes more powerful and useful when we recognize that this connection really exists and is always available. The Philosophy of Giving Up is misleading because it is not about giving up anything. It is about re-prioritizing what is most important. It is a unique approach to connecting and living in harmony with your true self and environment.

Our internal guidance/intuition leaves nothing to chance. The path that it provides is the result of co-mingling the conscious mind, subconscious mind, our intellect, experience, culture, needs and desires, and the deep passions of our soul. It is a path to follow and not a predetermined destination. Remember, we live in a world that is constantly changing; therefore, nothing remains the same.

When one learns to trust and rely on this internal guidance/intuition, life becomes easier to navigate. A sense of freedom from fear and anxiety provides peace of mind and comfort. Worry in moderation is helpful to our awareness of possible harm. However, worry in excess limits our ability to be all we can be. It is a self-limiting box to live in with little opportunity to escape, until we learn to trust our guidance. This inherent connection is part of our inheritance as a human. We can learn to rely on this innate connection to live in harmony with our environment. Start by noting how many times a day you use your intuition, no matter how small the issue is. Then build trust in it.

How can we build trust in this concept? Look at the structure of the human being. The left hemisphere of the brain controls right side of the body and vice versa. The left hemisphere focuses on specifics, whereas the right hemisphere adds to the specifics and is referred to as the creative brain. Whether in athletics or mental activities, our peak performance is enhanced as a result of both hemispheres working together in harmony. Our internal guidance is not a body part, but it is a state of consciousness that everything in the universe shares.