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Living life creatively is part of our heritage and physiological makeup. These gifts are expressed uniquely by each of us. Recognition of this reality enhances one’s ability to live an extraordinary life. Looking at life from the perspective of making magic can open the door to consciously creating your life. Happiness is derived if choices are compatible with your unique desires, passions and needs. Magical illusions can evoke our imagination to expand the possibilities of our lives. Many great writers have expressed with various words expressing, it is done, to you, as you believe. Jesus was quoted as saying something like; you can do greater things than I. How many of us have that much self-confidence?

Children love magic. Their inquisitive minds are drawn to mysteries of illusions. It can stimulate their creative imaginations. Watching the gleam in their eyes and expressions of amazement is the icing on the cake for a performer. These shows are interactive allowing children to express themselves. Children’s enthusiasm can ignite a wonderful interaction between them and the performer.

Charles “Al” Huth is a professional magician who specializes in the art of motivation. Although he can customize his show based on the intent of the event, he loves creating uplifting and motivational themes. He studied at the Magic Castle in Hollywood CA. The art and science of performing magic continues to intrigue him. For the creative mind there are endless ways to present illusions. He shows are interactive allowing interaction with the audience.

As a former teacher, motivation and counseling was a big part of his endeavors. It is part of his personality. Blending the art of illusion with a natural motivating personality offers a unique and entertaining event. You can consciously learn how to become the Magician of your life!

He performs for special events such as:
  • private parties
  • fund raisers
  • schools
  • churches
  • and corporate events.
For more information or to book a show:

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541.973 2362