Essentials for a Changing World


Essentials for a Changing World

 Living Harmoniously with Yourself and Others

by Charles Albert Huth

Whatever it means to you, you are meant to live an Extraordinary life. You have the capacity to achieve such a Life.

You will become extraordinary by living as your true self while living harmoniously while in alignment with your passions.

The universe/God conspires to support you – every set of circumstances is driven by its potential.

You will consciously connect to your true self by deconstructing your false identity.

You will further develop your capacity to consciously connect with your innate guidance with all there is.

Your carefully constructed integrity will help guide and sustain your life.

In the dance of life, your feet can learn to follow what you say or teach.

Understand yourself as a hero who strives to be his best. Consider the tragic and difficult circumstances that you courageously worked through.

You are the captain of your ship known as EXTRAORDINARY with a built-in navigational system that will not fail you!

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