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Charles Albert “Al” Huth was born and raised in Chicago. He received a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana. He also did work toward a Ph. D. in research, testing and measurement while teaching junior high and high school, a profession he enjoyed for many years. Later, as his interests shifted, he trained as a massage therapist, “Touch for Health” practitioner and kinesiologist, building a practice in southern California. Holistic healing remains a major focus of his professional life, though he considers himself primarily a teacher. Since moving to southern Oregon, he has immersed himself in teaching classes at Southern Oregon University’s OLLI program, and writing articles and books on healing, metaphysics, and motivational subjects.

He has a wide range of interests and a passion for helping others. Networking and co-creating new concepts and processes that have personal and global implications for peace is a calling close to his heart.

  • “I taught psychology and motivational classes in high schools and in adult education programs such as the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California. My fascination with the body/mind connection has led me into the various disciplines of spiritual and human empowerment.”
  • “I am a teacher, author and magician. As a renaissance person, I have a wide range of interests, including healing and psychic arts. My history includes becoming one of Doreen Virtue’s students in her Angel Therapy program, and a practitioner in the healing arts at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA. My studies include a wide variety of modalities in body/mind techniques to enhance one’s life. I enjoy networking and connecting with like-minded persons.”
  • “I have published four books about creating an extraordinary life. Currently, I am teaching in SOU’s OLLI program. My classes are based on my books. One of my passions is networking with other like-minded people or organizations to enhance our community. As a magician, I perform for parties of all age groups, as well as in schools, churches and various organizations. My performances are based on a theme to support the nature of the event, and magic is one of my favorite things to do. I do not perform walk-around magic known as “strolling”. My performances are more than a series of illusions; they contain a positive message. My public speaking, magic shows, and classes always have a motivational aspect.”
  • “I perform for those who love magic, and I’m very interested in networking with those who are interested in enhancing our community. I especially enjoy performing for children and have experience with teaching magic to grade school children. Our future is in the hands of our children.”

Al is available for speaking engagements and workshops based upon his books.

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